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endMS Scholar Program for Researchers IN Training (SPRINT)

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Congratulations and welcome to the incoming
2024-2025 endMS SPRINTers

Program Overview

endMS SPRINT is a national training program designed for trainees at the Master's, Doctoral and Postdoctoral/Clinical Fellowship levels who are keen on enhancing knowledge and skills in MS research, taking part in interdisciplinary, collaborative research and establishing valuable connections amongst peers in the field.  


Trainees enrolled full time in a graduate program, and postdoctoral/clinical fellows, at a Canadian university are eligible to apply. Refer to program guidelines (see below) for complete details on eligibility.

Key Features:

endMS SPRINT is pursued as a supplement to the research conducted by the trainees at their institutions. The goal of the interdisciplinary learning projects is to provide trainees with the unique opportunity to expand their areas of research interest in a structured program under the supervision of a SPRINT mentor and in collaboration with co-trainees from different disciplines.

  • Trainees enrolled in endMS SPRINT will:
    - Participate in the next two consecutive endMS Summer Schools.
    - Receive travel awards to attend endMS Summer School and small group mentored meeting.
    - Participate in an interdisciplinary learning project.
    - Be assigned an endMS SPRINT mentor and participate in team mentored learning.
    - Receive an endMS SPRINT stipend of $2,500.
    Duration of the program: 13 months - Beginning with the 2024 Summer School and ending with the 2025 Summer School.


A goal of the interdisciplinary learning projects is to provide trainees with the unique opportunity to expand their areas of research interest in a structured way under the supervision of a mentor and in collaboration with one or more co-trainees from different disciplines. Knowledge dissemination from the projects include the development and distribution of an information brochure for people living with MS and researchers; an article for publication, preparation of an educational newsletter or presentation for people living with MS, etc.  Here is a list of the SPRINT projects and outcomes since 2011.

Important Dates

  • Competition Opens: December 12, 2023

  • Application Deadline: February 15, 2024

  • Anticipated Notice of Decision: Mid April, 2024

  • Program Start Date: June 2024

Application and Program Guidelines

“The interdisciplinary projects encourage trainees to explore MS-related topics outside of their own field with an interdisciplinary group of colleagues. This interaction fosters the development of a variety of skills that are crucial to conducting meaningful research, and that can often not be obtained in individual academic programs.” SPRINT alumni
“I think our project has the potential to really help people with MS in their daily lives... I have not only gained  confidence in my ability to see a project through to completion, present in public and work as a team but have  also developed potential research collaborations. I feel honoured to be a part of this unique network.” SPRINT alumni
“Nowhere else could you enroll in a yearlong adventure especially designed to enhance essential research skills. Through communication workshops, networking activities and multidisciplinary projects, the program provides young researchers with the tools they need to promote their research and to make a significant contribution to the global scientific MS community.” SPRINT alumni
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