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Engagement of People Living with MS

People living with MS play an essential role in identifying relevant research questions, providing guidance and feedback on research processes, interpreting findings, and supporting the dissemination of results. As part of the endMS National Training Program, we are committed to increasing the engagement of people living with MS in the program. We believe that our trainees, mentors, and committee members have much to learn from people living with MS. As a starting point, we asked people living with MS to provide feedback to our 2022-2023 SPRINT teams on their interdisciplinary research project summaries. The goal of this feedback was to ensure the summaries were accessible to all people, regardless of their scientific background. 


Thank you to Nicola Belzile, Kazma Chaudhry, Andrew Press and everyone who volunteered as our first group of people living with MS, for their involvement and time as well as their very helpful feedback on the process.

Here are the summaries of the projects:

Research Team
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